Back from the Dead

I know I haven’t posted in quite awhile, but I’m regaining the interest I once had for blogging. Believe it or not, I’ve been going through a lot since I posted last. Like a lot of mental obstacles. Now on to more pertinent matters. This weekend marked the launch of two very important things if you are a media gobbler: The release of Pokemon X and Y for Nintendo 3DS, and the season premiere of The Walking Dead. 

Pokemon X and Y are a bit of nostalgia from my younger days. This game has brought back everything that I loved about Pokemon, and added a lot of new relevant things. I’m not the leading expert on Pokemon, considering the last one I really played was Pokemon Blue on the GameBoy Color back in 1998, but I feel right at home with this new game, especially since I get to pick some of the original starters. Now I understand most of you probably aren’t Pokemon people, but I’ve got one more thing to say about it. I went to the midnight release, and there were more college students who had bought Pokemon over children whose parents had bought them Pokemon.

Tonight was the premiere of The Walking Dead, the leading show on AMC network about the zombie apocalypse. I have been waiting for this premiere since the end of last season. You may not be a big fan of the whole “zombie apocalypse” thing but I highly recommend watching it. It is not only a good story, but also beautiful film work. I notice that kind of stuff because I am a film student. That’s another argument for another day.

In other words, while I did disappear for awhile, I am now back from the dead. I’m not going to promise that I’m going to post regularly, but I’m going to post more often, just whenever the muse hits me and I feel like I want to write. I need to get my writing up to par of that of the best screenwriters if I want to make a name for myself. Back on subject, I’m back, and better than ever.


My View of the World 2/15/2013

I’m new to the blogging community, but I am glad that I joined. There are a lot of blogs out there about many different things that you can read, and get advice and receive information. 

When I first started posting, I wasn’t sure what I should blog about. Should I blog about what I love (movies, dogs, etc.), or should I bring about change by blogging about social issues that need to be known about and changed. Even my blog title lacked in originality. So once I started writing, I knew what I should do.

I renamed my blog, The Wondering College Student, a clever play on words because I don’t go anywhere. Then I began blogging about anything and everything. Well not quite yet, but I’ve got a solid start. 

The more I keep writing, the better it will be, and the more experience I will gain. It’s a win win situation. 

I’m going to post a My View of the World once a week, on Fridays. That way you all have something to look forward to. To help me get into the routine of regularly posting something, I’m going to do the Daily Post every day. If I have an experience that I feel needs to be shown, then I will also post that as well. So there will possibly more than one post a day. 

So, that’s it for today. Have a nice weekend, and stay classy my friends.


My View of the World 2/13/2013

In one of my classes we have been talking about social issues that arise in the media that we consume every day. In a way we all have been desensitized by the constant bombardment of all this media.

Have any of you ever thought about gender codes? That’s the issue we are discussing right  now. But have you really thought about it? The way women are displayed on advertisements show them in demeaning positions, as well as enforcing the stereotype that we all see women as being. Scantily clad, in positions that place women as the victim, and not focused on their surroundings. Does that sound familiar to you? It should. Open up a magazine and look at some of the ads featuring women. What do you see? Advertisements aren’t the only place you see this happening. Watch a music video featuring a male singer. Most of the time the women are featured in demeaning ways. The problem is more prevalent in Hip-Hop or Rap music videos. It’s media like this that enforces the self esteem issues, and the eating disorders that we have problems with today.

Some of you might be saying: “America doesn’t have a problem with eating disorders, we have a problem with obesity.” Yes, while that is true, this is not the issue I am discussing.

It also isn’t just women. Men are being put through the same stresses as the women are. Men are almost always shown in advertisements alert and focused, and sometimes with a woman hanging off of him. A sense of hyper-masculinity is being portrayed. But similarly with the issue with women, hyper-masculinity isn’t just in advertising. Look at movies such as Rambo, or Terminator. How are the men portrayed? Muscular, strong, aggressive, aware of their surroundings, just to name a few.

Abercrombie and Fitch ads are famous for portraying several men in all of their ads, but in order to keep their base selling demographics, they will show several half-naked men and a woman. They are trying to convince their customers that they are not homo erotic. Many people are afraid of homo erotic images.

Though times are a changing. The LGBT community is becoming more and more accepted by more people. Just because these issues are pelted at us all the time every day, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be hidden. They need to be brought to light and discussed and addressed.