Daily Prompt: Nightmares: Vivid beyond Belief

Daily Prompt: Nightmares.

When I have nightmares, they are very vivid, and I always wake up terrified. I have had many nightmares in my life, but it was only the most vivid messed up ones that I remember, and still remember to this day.

I have had a nightmare where there were tornadoes outside of my window, and I was trying to escape, but the tornadoes picked themselves off of the ground and stuck the ends inside of my childhood bedroom. Even to this day I am terrified of severe weather.

Another nightmare that I’ve had is that my current boyfriend died in a car accident, but he was still able to talk to me through Facebook’s messaging feature. That was one of the weirdest, but scariest dreams I’ve ever had, and I am still terrified that it will come true.

Sometimes my nightmares I can’t remember, but more often than not, I do remember them. And they keep me awake for hours. I wish I could get rid of them, but I can’t.


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