Daily Prompt: Far From Normal, Very Far Far Away

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal.

I am probably the poster child of the least normal person on the planet, but I could be wrong. I have the mentality of a male, but without the levels of testosterone that would leave me with excess body hair.

I grew up in the country, always had trouble making friends, mainly because me and my brothers were so close. We did everything together. In the summer we would go outside and play town in the sand box, little mounds of sand that served as houses. In the winter we would go downstairs and play big town, with me and my brothers playing the town inhabitants, with fake money and every thing. We would even play school, which was pretty interesting, mainly because we all hated it so much.

I was always the leader, the teacher, the insurance company owner, and when things didn’t go my way, we would stop playing.

I am not your average girl. I know the value of money, and I don’t go and blow it whenever I want to. Although I would like to, I know my limits.

My life has been strange, but I have been able to handle everything that has been thrown at me. My advice, live life to the fullest, and don’t give up when something goes wrong, just get back up and keep going.


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